Today is Mardi Gras in Angarsk will be held on Sunday, March 6

Today is Mardi Gras in Angarsk will be held on Sunday, March 6  On the main town square, the audience will be entertained and to entertain gifts entertainers and clowns, actors, circus and magic heroes. On an outdoor stage area will deliver the best creative collectives of the city and district. The presenters of the event will compete for the lottery and will hold contests on the power snatch weight, couplets, tug of war and fast eating pancakes.By tradition, on Lenin square will be installed nine-metre wooden pole the top of which are fixed prizes. In competition climbing on a log can participate anyone.At the end of a street festival to visit residents on a wagon pulled by horses, will arrive fabulous beauty Spring, according to the script it sends to the rest of Grandfather Frost and snow maiden. The climax of the show will be burning huge effigies of carnival under the watchful eye of fire Angarsk garrison.Will start the festivities on Lenin square in 12 hours.Eugene EUROSINThe Newspaper "Time"". . Читать полностью -->

Sale of beer trading in temporary structures prohibited

Sale of beer trading in temporary structures prohibited  The RF law "On state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products and about restriction of consumption (drinking) of alcoholic products" prohibits the selling of beer and beverages, manufactured on the basis of beer trading in temporary structures - kiosks, pavilions."To circumvent this statutory requirement, in recent years, cases of re-registration of enterprises of the food trade in catering quick service. Thus, entrepreneurs expect to preserve the possibility of beer sales. But re-registration is carried out without regard to GOST R 50762-2007 "catering Services. Classification of catering enterprises", - says head of Department on trade, pricing and tariffs Natalia Tyumentsev.In this regard, the Office of the Federal Service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human welfare in the Irkutsk region draws the attention of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs on the requirements for temporary organizations catering quick service.Dining quick service are provided with semi-finished products, ready dishes, culinary, and other wares made stationary public catering enterprises. In the absence of centralized water supply and Sewerage facilities must be provided for the supply of water that meets the requirements for water quality of centralized water supply. If such organizations are removed from the stationary public catering enterprises, they must be equipped with refrigeration equipment for the storage of perishable foodstuffs, beverages. Читать полностью -->

Evaluate and improve the quality of life of Angarsk

Evaluate and improve the quality of life of Angarsk  Yesterday in administration of AMO presentation of the project "analysis of the socio-environmental aspects of the life and health of the population of the city of Angarsk".- The resulting complex characteristics of urban socio-ecological systems will be an information and analytical basis for planning and adoption of science-based management decisions for the development of social and life support systems of the city, as well as of a public health system, said project Manager Jaroslav Leshchenko.The project will enable more effective targeting of socio-economic and demographic policies: to take priority measures to reduce mortality, protection of motherhood and childhood, the health of children and adolescents, to carry out rational planning, ongoing management, allocation of resources in the areas of health, education, environment, family and demographic processes and more.The project cost is 850 thousand rubles. On the allocation of research on assigned amounts from the district budget will decide the deputies of the Duma of the AMO at the next meeting.The press service of AMO. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Square reviewed

Square reviewed  Recently the Ministry has developed standards of availability of shopping areas. Until January 1 of the regional authorities to develop their own programs, based on Federal figures. The draft resolution was posted recently on the Agency's website.The Russian average baseline the provision of retail space for food products is set at 159 sq m on 1 thousand persons, for the sale of non-food goods – 362 sqmMore recently, the Russians were considered self-sustaining if a thousand people had 100 square feet for sale of food products and 180 sq. m for sale of non-food. In Angarsk on 240 thousand population accounts 162472 sq m (from hypermarkets to kiosks and tomarow). It's almost 677 sq m per thousand. Читать полностью -->

The draft Election code of the Russian Federation discussed in Angarsk

The draft Election code of the Russian Federation discussed in Angarsk  Yesterday in a press-the centre "Angara statements" discussed the draft Election code of the Russian Federation, proposed by the Association in defense of voters ' rights "GOLOS".The panelists were members of election commissions, representatives of local offices of three political parties (United Russia, CPRF, LDPR) and the deputies of the Duma of the AMO.As an expert was made by the Angara Chairman of the territorial election Commission by Valentine Masina.Of particular controversy was the question of the formation of the Commission. Today, half of the Commission members proposed by political parties, and the second labor collectives and public organizations. The authors of the project propose to increase party component to two-thirds, explaining the development of the institution of a multiparty system. According to Natallia Mazina, the Commission shall not be a party principle, and the principle of teamwork.An interesting proposal was that the Code offers to run for members of the election Commission citizens on their own initiative. The idea was supported by the Deputy of the Duma AMO Vyacheslav Ivanets, who believes that this initiative gives the opportunity for any active citizen to participate in the decision-making process. No obstacles to citizen shouldn't be: the Commission should be created not from above but from below.Also in the discussion was attended by representatives of political parties. Читать полностью -->

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